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Copyright & Protection Notice

“All rights of the owners of the sound recordings, musical works and performers reserved. Unauthorised public performances, broadcast, cable transmission, copying and distribution prohibited. The use of the recordings contained in this production music Library is subject at all time to (a) having authority to use them from the PRS for Music, Elgar House, 41 Streatham High Road, London SW16 1ER (or, in the case of licences obtainable outside the UK for exploitation outside the UK, from the Library’s appointed agents) and (b) to the terms and conditions of any such authority and (c) to obtaining therefrom an appropriate licence prior to any exploitation or use of the relevant production or recording. Furthermore, public performance, broadcast and cable transmission of the production or recording may only be made with the additional licence of the Performing Right Society and appointed worldwide agents.”

PRS/MCPS CAE Number: 162503792.

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